14th Indonesian Film Festival

The 14th Indonesian Film Festival presents 2 pre-events dedicated to film enthusiasts: THROUGH THE LENS and 4TH WALL.

Join us to be among the first people to see our very own Short Film Competition winning screenplay at THROUGH THE LENS on March 28th at the University of Melbourne, Parkville. Not only will you be the one to watch our hand-picked award-winning Indonesian short film, “Sepatu Baru”, you will also be able to experience how it feels like to have an open discussion in the room filled with film experts, including the award-winning director Aditya Ahmad, as well as film enthusiasts.

As for those who want to have an opportunity to meet Indonesian stars and get to know the process of filmmaking and Indonesian cinematography development, 4TH WALL is the perfect opportunity. The talk focuses on the conditions of the developing Indonesian film industry. Special guests for this event are some of Indonesia’s big personalities from the movie industry, including Oka Antara. Come to Journal Student Living on the 4th of April to experience the hype!

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·  Event Duration : 28 March 2019 – 4 April 2019, 5-9 pm

·  Venue: Melbourne                                  

·  Link: https://iffaustralia.com/tickets/