The Jakarta Post Outlook 2020: Digital Hub

The “digital hub” concept is something that emerged organically in Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is home to such tech giants as Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Tesla. For Indonesia, Sinarmas Land’s digital hub in BSD City, Banten, is perhaps the closes thing the country has to Silicon Valley, with the presence of the Apple Developer Academy and Plug and Play’s BSD Innovation Labs.

The concept remains unfamiliar to many in Indonesia, even though the country is said to lead Southeast Asia’s digital economy by 2025.

Digital hubs’ promise of high-speed data will allow for the seamless use of information, from teleconference meetings to multimedia interaction for work, thereby creating a dynamic environment that is expected to spur creativity and innovation.

However, limitations such as the presence of digital hubs being limited to BSD only at present and the unfamiliarity of corporations and the workforce with digital hubs, as well as limited government support so far in promoting more digital hubs, have served as challenges to further develop the digital hub concept in Indonesia beyond Greater Jakarta.

The seminar will look into the prospects of digital hubs in Indonesia, the performance of the BSD Digital Hub so far, expected innovative and creative outcomes relative to other digital hubs of the world, as well as challenges the industry faces in developing digital hubs in Indonesia.

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