The Jakarta Post Outlook 2020: Innovating Talents for The Digital Economy

Start-ups are on the rise and digital transformations are taking place in conventional industries, from manufacturing and agriculture to mining and food and beverages. More tech-related skills and knowledge are required in the workforce than ever before, as Indonesia is on track to becoming Southeast Asia’s largest digital economy by 2025, while the fourth industrial revolution is taking shape in local corporations.

The problem is that tech studies in local universities are not yet as prevalent and diverse as in more developed countries. Vocational and polytechnic schools — and the broader education system of Indonesia — have been slow in adapting to recent technological changes as well.

Graduates of vocational schools, who are meant to secure jobs right after graduation, also rank highest in terms of unemployment rate — even lower than elementary school graduates.

In light of such opportunities and challenges, how should Indonesia’s workforce prepare for the future of work?

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